Wireline Tool String

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Wireline Tool String The Wireline Tool String is necessary for the efficient surface control during the running and pulling operations on slickline of sub surface controlled devices.

An assembly of wireline tools connected to the wireline is used to deliver surface control impacts (jar action) either upwards or downwards to manipulate devices within the well bore.

A standard set of wireline tool string typically consist of:

Wireline Socket (Rope Socket) for attaching the wireline to the tool string.

Wireline Stem (Sinker Bar) for adding weight to sink the tool in the well bore against the well pressure and different gravity fluids encountered.

Wireline Jars (Spang Link Jar) for securing the hammering effect by upward or downward movement.

Wireline Knuckle Joint for obtaining flexibility through the tool string.

Wireline running or pulling tool for running and retrieving devices from the well bore.

All Wireline Tools are available with following:
  • Sucker Rod Threads
  • UN Threads
  • Quick Lock Connection

Customer to choose the type of connection they want to use in wireline tool string.

Sucker rod threads are machined on wireline tools asper API 11B. These are economical cost wise.

UN threads are also machined on wireline tools and are interchangeable with Sucker Rod Threads but are shorter in length.

These are also economical cost wise.

Quick Lock Connector as the name suggests is a quick connect and quick disconnect connection, which is used in place of screwed connection. It has many advantages over screwed connection:
  • It is quarter turn connection.
  • It is stronger than screwed connection. It has three impact load bearing surfaces in each direction, which make it safer for heavy and prolonged wireline operations.
  • It is safer and simpler and can be released with a screwdriver.