The ACT Anchor Latch Seal Assembly positions the seal units in the polished bore of the packer at the bottom of the available stroke. With a slight amount of set-down weight, the anchor latch will snap into the top thread of the packer. This feature allows the upward pull to be applied to the tubing string to positively confirm proper location and operation.The process to release the anchor is an upward pull combined with right hand turns of the tubing at the latch. The releasing mechanism of the anchor makes it ideal for completions where tubing movement is not desirable.

Standard anchor latch assemblies are manufactured from materials that comply with NACE MR0175 standards for sulfide stress cracking-resistant metallic materials and fitted with seal stacks with metal backups. Viton, Aflas, and Chevron seals are available for hostile conditions, such as high-temperature, high-pressure, and sour environments.


  • Easy snap-in-snap-out procedure

  • Prevention of seal movement

  • High-performance seals available for hostile environments