The ACT Model BKR Premium Cement Retainer (W/L) is a wireline set, high pressure retainer constructed of drillable cast-iron that uses Bolt, Elder or Baker K-1 type setting sleeves and tension mandrels. It can be set on any Baker type wireline pressure setting tool or pipe/coil tubing with an ACT Hydraulic Setting Tool. When set, opposing slips are located above and below the rubber packing elements.

This retainer is ideal for where squeeze cementing operations are being performed. Optional packing systems of Viton or Aflas are available on special order. Special application tools can be custom designed to fit your specific needs. After the ACT BKR Cement Retainer is set on wireline a BKR Seal Unit is required to perform the squeeze job. These seal units are available in two types, a locator seal unit or a snap latch seal unit. The seal unit is installed on the bottom of the workstring to control the two way valve in the set retainer.