The flare will be used for well reproduction and testing

Technical data:

Nominal pressure: Burner head PN2.5 Gas inlet PN16

Design temperature: Burner head > 850°C Gas outlet -10/50°C

Flow rate (Gas): up to 10.000 Nm³/h


  • Main gas: DN200 (8“) PN16

  • Flash gas: 2“ 100 mbar

  • Ignition gas Methane: ½“ PN100

  • Ignition gas Propane: 1“ PN16

  • Process water: 1¼“

Inert gas regulation station: pe<95 bar pa= 50 mbar

Sprinkler system: max. 13,1 m³/h pa= 2 bis 6 bar

Weight: 26,5 t

Transport height of Trailer: < 4 m raised height: 20 m

Visualization and control: Solo operation or system

Advantages of the system:

  1. 6 pilot burner allow even under difficult conditions ignition of the main flame

  2. Sprinkler on the burner head to reduce heat radiation and flame noises (16 flat jet nozzles to create a water chalice) water externally or IBC

  3. Erection without crane through their own hydraulic within 30 minutes (see film on offer)

  4. Additional weights are not required

  5. Additional gases from other sources may be added to the secondary flame, for example flash gases from pressure less containers

  6. Split mast to secure the transportability (height and length in operation on public roads)

  7. Patented coupling system at the salient point of the main gas, pilot gas and flash gas without manual activities

  8. Firing capacity to 100 MW

  9. Palfinger for safe standing up to wind speeds of 100 km/hour