The Low – and High Pressure Frac Manifold is designed for the distribution of frac fluids, mixed by the blender, to the pumper. Two separate pressure systems are provided for uninterrupted operations.The manifold can be built as a manifold skid for up to 6 pumping units. This skid can be easily handled by a crane ore with the Oil Filed truck combined with a hydraulic crane. The skid will be also used to transport all necessary lose iron.

The manifold can be also build as a trailer version with up to 12 pump units. Both units are completed by a low and high pressure manifold. The low pressure manifold will route the Fluid pushed by a centrifugal pump on blender or other mixing system to the pumping unit suction connections. The high pressure manifold will take the fluid from the pumps and deliver it to the well head.

ACT is using own pump iron. Dependent on the design pump rate the necessary pipe diameter will be used. We are offering:

  • 2” Manifold with 1 x 2” Manifold outlet

  • Double Outlet 2” Manifold

  • 3” Manifold with 1 x 3” Manifold outlet

  • Double Outlet 3” Manifold

  • 4” Manifold with 1 x 4” Manifold outlet

  • Double Outlet 4” Manifold

The manifold can be built with the pressure rating 15.000 and 20.000 PSI. 4” Iron can be delivered with hammer union ore clamp connections.