Union Cross Over Adapters are utilized to provide a transition between otherwise incompatible unions made by the same or different manufacturers. These adapters are designed with a Union Box Up and Union Pin & Collar Down and are always rated, both in terms of service and pressure. Any combination of end connections are available.

Floor Block (Hay Pulley) is used to bring the wireline down to a position where it is horizontal from the lubricator tree to the wireline rig. It also shifts the point of wireline pull from the top of lubricator to the base of the lubricator tree and reduces side loading of the lubricator. Pulleys are available in aluminium or composite material for lighter weight.

Pulley  Dia (IN) Groove Dia Type Connection Safe Working Load (lbs) Part No.
7   Customer to specify Swivel Hanger 3,000 330700
10 Swivel Hanger 5,000 331000
12 Swivel Hanger 5,000 331200
14 Swivel Hanger 5,000 331400
16 Swivel Hanger 6,000 331600
20 Swivel Hanger 6,000 332000

A Wireline Clamp is used to clamp the wireline while raising and lowering the lubricator and during fishing operations.

Assembly No. Description
For all sizes of slickline
For 3/16" and 1/4" braided wireline

A  Wellhead  Connection is

used to connect the bottom of the wireline valve to the top tree connections. The top of the connection fits the bottom of valve and the bottom thread of connection is threaded to screw into the particular threads on top of the tree flange connections.

A Telescopic Gin Pole is used to raise the lubricator to the top of the wireline valve and maintain this position while breaking off or making up wireline tool string.

Assembly No. Description
Steel for standard weight lubricators Aluminium for standard weight lubricators
Steel for standard weight, high-pressure lubricators