ACT Lubricator Risers are used to allow the wireline tool string to be raised above the wellhead valve prior to and after wireline operations and enable the wellhead valve to be opened and closed allowing entry and exit of the toolstring from the well bore.

An ‘O’ ring on the pin section forms the seal when made up into the box. The internal thread on the collar matches the external thread on box and makes up quickly by hand.

ACT Lubricator Risers are available in standard lengths from 4 feet through 12 feet, and 2-1/2” through 6.38” bores. Standard end connections include a union box up and union pin and collar (nut) down. Bleed off valves are available in all models upon request. Working pressure ranges for these risers are from 5,000 PSI through 15,000 PSI.

ACT also supplies Light Weight Risers in low alloy steel and 28 chrome stainless steel. Integral designs are also available for high pressures up to 15,000 PSI.

Service I.D. in. W.P. (PSI) Part No.
4 Feet 6 Feet 8 Feet 10 Feet
STD 2.50 5,000 042553X1 042555X1 042557X1 042559X1
STS 3.00 5,000 043553X1 043555X1 043557X11 0435591X1
STD 2.50 10,000 042152X1 042155X1 042157X1 042159X1
STD 3.00 10,000 043153X1 043155X1 043157X1 043159X1
H2S 2.50 5,000 042553X0 042555X0 042557X0 042559X0
H2S 3.00 5,000 0423553X0 043555X0 043557X0 043559X0
H2S 2.50 10,000 042153X0 042155X0 042157X0 042159X0
H2S 3.00 10,000 043153X0 043155X0 043157X0 043159X0
STD 2.50 15,000 042453X1 042455X1 042457X1 042459X1
H2S 2.50 15,000 042453X0 042455X0 042457X0 042459X0
H2S 3.00 15,000 043453X0 043455X0 043457X0 043459X0
STD 4.00 5,000 044553X1 044555X1 044557X1 044559X1
H2S 4.00 5,000 044553X0 044555X0 044557X0 044559X0
STD 4.00 10,000 044153X1 044153X1 044157X1 044159X1
H2S 4.00 10,000 044153X0 044155X0 044157X0 044159X0
H2S 4.00 15,000 044453X0 044455X0 044457X0 044459X0
STD 5.00 5,000 045553X1 045555X1 045557X1 045559X1
STD 5.00 10,000 045153X1 045155X1 045157X1 045159X1
H2S 5.00 5,000 045553X0 045555X0 045557X0 045559X0
H2S 5.00 10,000 045153X0 045155X0 045157X0 045159X0
STD 6.38 5,000 049553X1 049555X1 049557X1 049559X1
H2S 6.38 5,000 049553X0 049555X0 049557X0 049559X0
H2S 6.38 10,000 049153X0 049155X0 049157X0 049159X0