ACT O Series valves are designed for circulating operations and provide means for communication between the tubing and the tubing/casing annulus.

The ACT (Model PKO) retrievable single point injection gas lift orifice valves are used for continuous tubing flow gas lift installations. It is used to control the flow of gas between the casing annulus and the tubing at valve depth. The valve has a check dart controlled by a spring which does not allow the back flow of gas or well fluids. If the injection gas pressure in casing & tubing annulus at valve depth falls below the fluid tubing pressure, the fluid from tubing will try to flow back through the valve. Reverse flow through the valve is prevented by a check dart in the valve body. The check dart is closed by pressure from the tubing and will not allow passage of fluid until casing pressure is greater or equal than tubing pressure. This valve is available from 1/8” to 3/8” port sizes in 1/16” increments.


  • CV values for each orifice size are determined with ISA procedures to provide accurate sizing for proper injection rates

  • Efficiency of back check valve provides large flow capacities. Positive sealing feature of back check valve provides protection from intrusion of production fluids into casing annulus

  • Various orifice materials (SS, monel, inconel, tungsten carbide) available to meet application requirements

Type Assy. No. Norminal OD in. Packing OD in. Port Size in. Latch Or End Conn. Running Tool Type Pulling Tool Type Mandrel Type
Upper Lower Min. Max.
OM 14R 150-40 1 1.1/32 1.1/32 1/8 7/16 BK-2, M MR MP TMP
OM 20R 150-27 1 1.1/32 1.1/32 1/8 7/16 BK-2, M MR MP TMP
O20R 150-12 1.1/2 1.9/16 1.1/2 1/8 5.1/64 TG, RK, RM T-2 RTG, TER PTG, TRP TP
OSM-14R 150-05 1 1.1/32 1.1/32 1/8 7/16 BKP MR MP TMP
OS 14R 150-08 1.1/2 1.9/16 1.1/2 1/8 5.1/64 TFA, PKP RTG, TER PTG, TRP TP
PKO 130-30 XX-XXX- 01 1 1.1/32 1.1/32 1/8 7/16 Integral Bottom MR-01 MP TMP, KBM, KBMG, KBG.