Features: The Hydraulic Choke is a hydraulically operated variable choke providing any opening from a maximum of 1.93 square inches (1 9/16” equivalent bean diameter) to full shut off. Working pressure rating of the choke is 10,000 PSI. Two Tungsten Carbide discs, each with a semi-circular opening, form the choke. Various openings are obtained by rotating the upstream disc against the stationary downstream disc.

Operator Control Panel: The operator console is built with stainless steel machine engraved English letters, coded and is equipped with following controls:

The main choke operating lever marked OPEN, HOLD and CLOSE, controls the movement of the upstream disc. Speed of operation is controlled by the HYDRAULIC REGULATOR valve in the lower right corner of the panel.

The AIR SUPPLY valve on the left side of the control panel controls the flow of rig air to the air-powered hydraulic pump and to the position indicator. (A minimum of 100 PSI air pressure required.)

Moving the choke control lever to the CLOSE position directs hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic pistons which rotate the choke towards “closed” and moving the lever to the OPEN position reverses the operation. When the control lever is released, it will return to the HOLD position and the upstream disc will remain where it is.

The POSITION INDICATOR gauge located on the right side of the control panel shows the approximate position of the choke in terms of degree of closure.

Third Party Inspection /Certification: Unit will be certified by third party BV, DNV, ABS, Lloyds, Vetco Tuboscope etc as per the requirement of customer

Painting: All steel materials are sandblasted and organic zinc primer coated and painted to customer supplied color code.

Signs & Decals: Wherever applicable signs & decals required will be placed.

  • Starting procedure

  • Safety instructions

  • All hydraulic connections will be tagged with proper identification

  •  SWL of the unit

Documentation: Operations & Maintenance Manual provided in hard copy and soft copy (in CD format) for complete set unit in (English).