The Sand Trucks ore Trailer and Silos are mobile sand and proppant transportation and storage units. They deliver different fracturing sands and ceramic proppant continuously and in controlled quantities to the blender during fracturing operations.Depending on the chosen design with one or more compartments, the Sand Truck/Trailer ore Silo are able to deliver different proppant types and/or sizes within one fracturing job without time consuming and dangerous changeovers to other proppant storage units.The Passover of the proppant to the blender unit is designed to ensure trouble-free operation.

Carefully controlled weight distribution eliminates tire and axle overloading on the trucks. The unit’s wheel base is made as short as possible, resulting in a small turning radius and ease of manoeuvrability. This combination and the excellent off-road capabilities of the chassis makes sand trucks, as well as the other unit trucks to the most reliable equipment when accessing well sites located in the roughest terrain. Under consideration of the extreme temperature conditions at oil fields units are equipped with different heating and cooling systems for fluids.

Truck Units can be designed to lift on site a load of 70.000 kg of proppant on site. Standard Units for Trucks are 30, 50 and 60 t with 2 departments. Trailer Units are able to handle up to 100.000 kg on site. Standard trailer units are 40, 60, 80 and 100 t with 2 departments Max proppant transportation weight is dependent on truck ore trailer weight and road regulations.

Sand silos are built dependent on the customer needs with up to 120.000 kg. The silo can be spitted in different departments. The silo is built in a standard container size for easy transportation. We are building 20, 30 and 40 feet silos. Dependent on that the silo will hold 45, 75 or 100 t of proppant. Dependent on height up to 3 compartments are possible. If needed the silo can be delivered including a split fundament that allows placing the silo on the well site without any wind problems.

** All calculation made with proppant bulk density of 1,65 g/cm.