Heavy Duty Mobile Twin Pump Unit mounted on truck, trailer ore skid is suitable for a wide variety of fluid pumping operations in the oilfield. Typical operations include oil well cementing, well acidizing treatments, hydro jet perforating, solvent pumping, pressure testing and miscellaneous fluid pumping. The units can be built as twin ore single pumping unit. Service unit Division is dedicated to providing comprehensive pumping unit sales, maintenance, field and shop repair and optimization services through experienced personnel using equipment specifically.

An important advantage of the ACT’s pumper is the variability of the Units. You need equipment that doesn’t fail, and that’s why we’re here to provide you the best service units. We are one of the prominent service unit manufacturers of Pumping Units which have qualitative components and properly packaging. Pumps are fixed. But the additional functions are interchangeable. So mixing tanks or transport tanks for liquids, Gravel Pack Blender and cement mixer can be easily replaced. This allows the same base unit to perform other work every day. On the other hand, the functional skids are used individually, regardless of the base unit. A second piece of news is the gear used. We provide nationwide service unit manufacturer, and we’re always quick to diagnose, service and repair your service units.

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Technical Data:

Power :  as twin ore single with 250 – 600 HHP each

Base : Truck, Trailer ore Skid

Engine : CAT, Mercedes, Deutz, DD, Cummins

Transmission : Cat, Allison, ZF

Centrifugal Pumps : Signe ore double charge pumps

Tanks : Displacement and Chemical Batch tank

  • Functions skid: Fluid transport tanks with different construction in SS, Carbon Steel, and Fiber gals.

  • Cement Batch ore Recirculation Skid

  • Chemical Transport and Dosing Unit

  • Chemical Batch Mixing Tanks

  • Gravel Pack Blender

  • Frac Blender

  • Acid Blender