The ACT coiled tubing Side Loading Stripper/Packer is designed for use with injectors built by various manufacturers. The significant single feature of the ACT Side Loading Stripper/Packer is that it offers field replacement of the interlock packer, non- extrusion ring, and bushings through the side door, below the injector and with tubing in the well.

Additional features:

  • The union sub and nut are field

  • The union nut can be ‘latched up’, while stabbing the union sub into the BOP

  • Optimum tubing column support with tubing sizes 00, 1.25,1.50, and 1.75 available.

  • A unique three point tie rod arrangement provides a significantly greater working space within the side loading door clearance opening for enhanced field replacement of the vital sealing components and

  • The piston “close” and “open” ports are NPT and both are located below the door clearance.

  • Key components are 17-4 PH stainless steel or alloy steel for optimum strength and corrosion Bushings are of aluminium bronze.

  • Below the door energizer piston arrangement does not move the critical upper tubing bushings. This unique arrangement provides continuous, non-changing tubing column support.

  • Convenient NPT gauge / injection

  • Interlock packer and non – extrusion ring are interchangeable with Various materials are available to suit specific well /service conditions.

  • Glass – filled teflon non – extrusion ring provide an optimum interlock packer support / reliability.

  • The four hydraulic control supply ports are of NPT which require no special.

  • A unique “breach lock” style lock flange provides reliable safety of door closure yet offers easy field

  • The piston is situated below the packer element. Having the piston in this position will decrease the amount of hydraulic pressure required to pack-off around the Coiled.


Assembly Working Pressure                     :           10,000 PSI
Test Pressure….                                           :           15,000 PSI

Hydraulic Operating Pressures

Piston Close (Packing – off)                       :            5,000 PSI
Max Piston Open (Relaxing Packer)        :            5,000 PSI
Max Door Close                                            :            3,000 PSI Max
Door Open                                                     :            3,000 PSI Max