The ACT Tandem Side Loading Stripper Packer is designed to be used in tandem with standard side loading stripper packer. It is installed below the side loading stripper packer with a quick union connection.

In normal operations, the upper stripper packer, which is mounted below the injector, will be the primary packer, with the lower tandem stripper packer in reserve. If the upper packer wears away, the second (tandem) packer can be put in to service, or the upper packer element can be replaced, and the operation can be continued. In a high pressure well, the two stripper packers can be operated simultaneously or individually by their separate hydraulic connections.

The additional feature of tandem stripper packer is a chemical injection system installed in the upper part of the packer, through which a wide variety of ant-corrosion chemicals or lubricating oils can be injected on to the outer surface of the coiled tubing.

Additional Features:

  • The union sub and nut are field

  • The union nut can be ‘latched up’, while stabbing the union sub into the BOP union.

  • A unique three point tie rod arrangement provides a significantly greater working space within the side loading door clearance opening for enhanced field replacement of the vital sealing components.

  • The piston “close” and “open” ports are NPT and both are located below the door clearance

  • Key components are 17-4 PH stainless steel or alloy steel for optimum strength and corrosion Bushings are of aluminium bronze.

  • Below the door energizer piston arrangement does not move the critical upper tubing bushings. This unique arrangement provides continuous, non-changing tubing column

  • Convenient NPT gauge / injection

  • Interlock packer and non – extrusion ring are interchangeable with competitors. Various materials are available to suit specific well /service

  • Glass – filled teflon non – extrusion ring provide an optimum interlock packer support /

  • The four hydraulic control supply ports are of NPT which require no special fittings.

  • A unique “breach lock” style lock flange provides reliable safety of door closure yet offers easy field

  • The piston is situated below the packer Having the piston in this position

will decrease the amount of hydraulic pressure required to pack-off around the Coiled tubing.


Assembly Working Pressure                 :           10,000 PSI
Test Pressure                                        :           15,000 PSI