The ACT Tension Packer is a retrievable, single grip tension set packer, used in water flood, oil production or treating applications. This compact, economical packer is used for shallow wells where sufficient set down weight is not available to utilize a set down packer. It is set by left hand rotation and has three release methods.


  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades

  • Compact, short, easy to transport and run

  • Full opening enables maximum fluid circulation

  • Rocker type slips eliminates the need for extra drag block

  • Easy to operate – a simple and reliable J-Slot mechanism, actuated from the surface by tubing rotation, makes the packer easy to set and release

  • One piece packing

  • Three release methods, normal release, shear release and safety joint release


Run the packer to desired setting depth, and make the last movement down before attempting actual set. Rotate the tubing to the left one-quarter turn at the tool, and pick-up on the tubing string to obtain pack-off.

To release the packer, Lower the tubing string at least one foot more than is necessary to remove the applied tension (this will move the J-Pin to the top of the J-Slot) and rotate to the right sufficiently to obtain one-quarter turn at the packer. Should the Packer fail to release with normal procedures, an upward pull of the tubing string weight, plus 25,000 to 50,000 lbs. tension (dependent on strength of the shear ring) will release the packer.

If it is not desirable or practical to pull 50,000 lbs. through the tubing, apply approximately 10,000 lbs. strain and rotate the tubing 15 to 20 turns to the right. This unscrews the left- hand safety thread between the Top Sub and the Body and allows removal of the tubing string and the Top Sub. To remove the remaining portion of the Packer, install a set of Jars made up above an overshot, or spear, engage the Packer Body, and actuate the Jars to free the Packer Body from the casing. Tension Packers are available for 4.1/2” to 9.5/8” casing sizes.