he Tubing Anchor Catcher (TAC) is one of the most important tools in achieving efficient rod pumping operation. Run below a sucker rod pump, it acts as an anchor to the lower end of the tubing string to maintain tension in the tubing string and eliminates tubing movement during the pump cycle. It also acts as a tubing catcher to prevent parted pipe from falling into the well.

Rod pumping operation, with the tubing hanging free, causes problems like excessive wear of the rods, tubing, casing, and pump, reduced pumping efficiency, increased operating costs such as increased requirements of power consumption etc. The elongation and contraction of the tubing string along with the rod string reduces the effective pump stroke and thus reduces the production rate. This also causes tubing buckling which results in tubing and casing wear, tubing collar leaks, and metal fatigue causing the tubing to part.


  • Increases pump efficiency

  • Reduces operating cost by reducing maintenance and down time caused by casing, tubing or sucker rod wear

  • Simple operation: Rotates left to set, right to release

  • Double grip slip prevents upward and downward movement

  • Catches parted tubing

  • Straight pull emergency release with adjustable shear pin force

  • Easy and inexpensive to redress.


Install the Anchor Catcher in the Tubing String just below or above the pump for best results. Run to desired depth and rotate the tubing to the left to set the Anchor Catcher. To ensure the Anchor Slips are solidly engaged with the casing, hold left hand torque on the tubing and pick up and set down several times to be sure the Anchor Slips are properly set in the casing. The tubing will torque up when the slips have set. Release the torque and apply the required amount of tubing tension.During this slip setting operation, the strain should be at least equal to the final strain that will be needed plus full tubing set-down weight.To pull the Anchor Catcher, lower the tubing to release the tension and rotate to the right while working the tubing up and down slightly. Should the Anchor Catcher fail to release with normal procedures, an upward pull of the tubing string weight, plus the total value of the Shear Pins will release the Anchor.Tubing Anchor Catchers are available for 4.1/2” to 9.5/8” casing sizes.