Heavy Duty Mobile Twin Pump Cementing Unit mounted on truck, trailer ore skid is suitable for a wide variety of fluid pumping operations in the oilfield. Typical operations include oil well cementing, well acidizing treatments, hydro jet perforating, solvent pumping, pressure testing and miscellaneous fluid pumping.

Equipment Description

The twin cementing unit is a high horsepower twin triplex pump unit that is equipped to operate at the work site independent of other equipment. The twin cementing unit is fabricated on a truck, Trailer ore skid. Deck mounted equipment consist of two diesel engine, automatic transmission, triplex down hole pumps, a high energy recirculation cement mixing system that meets API requirements for cement mixing, 3,5 m³ displacement tank, centrifugal pumps for mixing and pressurizing the triplex pump suctions, displacement tanks and complete operator station and control systems, Hydraulic systems driven from the provide power for driving the centrifugal pumps. Data recording equipment and instrumentation provide for measurement of pump rate, pressure and fluid density versus time. Recording and monitoring equipment is included which will allow the recording of job data and down loading reports to the laptop computer supplied or other computer systems.


ACT twin cementing unit provides Enhanced Density System ‘EDS’ which is a high energy re-circulating cement mixing system that can be used as standalone cement mixing skid unit or installed on offshore skid, trailer mounted or chassis mounted cementing units. This mixing system consist of a hydraulic or electrical system that drives the fluid handling pumps, a proprietary designed high energy recirculation cement mixing head and the required manifold system to introduce dry bulk cement and water and transfer the mixed slurry to the down hole pumps.

The mixing system consists of a cement unit metering valve and a high energy re-circulating slurry mixer that discharges the slurry through a diffuser. The mixer design maximizes wetting of all cement by induction of the dry bulk cement into the clean mix water and the re-circulating slurry. The mix water centrifugal pump and the re-circulating centrifugal pump provide the main source of energy. The diffuser aids in removing air entrainment from the bulk cement and eliminates dust in the mix tank. The 1.2 cubic meter cylindrical mix allows adequate residence time for through mixing and averaging of density with variable bulk cement delivery. The cylindrical tank design eliminates ‘dead spots’, provides positive suction head and eliminates cavitations’. A dual vane hydraulic driven turbine agitator provides additional mixing energy and slurry homogeneity. The mixing capacity range Is approximately 0 to 2,3 m³/min with a slurry weight range of 1000 – 2500 kg/m3. The mixing system manifolding delivers fluid to the suction manifold of the re-circulating pump and to the triplex down hole pump via the supercharging centrifugal pumps.

The twin cementing unit is capable of operating during extended pumping operations in rough oilfield environments with ambient temperature ranges of -45° C to +50° C.

Chemicals adding system can be installed.

An Automatic Density Control system will allow automatic mixing of cement and other chemicals to the slurry with a density accuracy of+- 0,2 g/ccm.

A Data Acquisition system is included.