American Completion Tool is happy to announce that we have started selling our products online and we are doing excellent. You don’t need to be available here at our production house, just select the part and order online, we will deliver you the product at your place. Our inventory system guarantees the best quality deliverable with a timely manner and we have been appreciated for the same. We have our production houses in USA and India and we are committed to deliver all the products to all over the Globe.

We offer the highest quality standard service production and completion products for the upstream oil & gas industry. We are located in API certified facility in Burleson, Texas (20-minutes south of Fort Worth) on Interstate 35W. We design and manufacture completion, service tools and flow control tools such as drillable Bridge Plugs, Frac Plugs, Cement Retainers, along with Hydraulic Set Permanent and Retrievable Packers plus Wireline, Hydraulic, Hydro-Mechanical, Mechanical Setting Tools, Gas Lift Valves etc.