The ACT Model Production Packers are available to fit your needs and provide the versatility of our excellent pack-off system for a positive secure set in the well bore. These packers assist in the economical operation of a variety of completion and production jobs. These production packers are designed to accommodate seal bore extensions used in deep wells requiring a longer seal bore interval. ACT Model ‘D’ Production Packers provide excellent clearance for run-in while the ACT Model ‘F’ Production Packers offer a larger seal bore.

ACT Hydraulic-Set Dual Bore Permanent Production Packers are the hydraulically set one-trip completion packers, ideal for high volume production in high angle, extremely deviated well. These packers feature the largest possible bore through combined packer and seal accessory. The packer is run on the hydro-set anchor latch seal unit which is made up in the top of the packer via the left-hand threads on the latch and is set by applied tubing pressure.